Why are Log Homes so popular in resorts?

South Africa has many beautiful resorts scattered all over the country. Many tourists and locals alike prefer to stay at these accommodations rather than lodges or hotels when on vacation because of the value resorts offer. One of the standout features of many resorts are their log homes and cabins, but besides their aesthetical value for these resorts, why are these types of homes so important?


Cost efficient

Wood has a natural property called thermal mass which helps keep the interior temperatures of log homes comfortable in every season. The log walls collect and store energy which is then radiated back into the home. This makes wood a better heat conductor than the materials used in traditional homes and can save resort owners bucket loads of money in utilities.

Log homes are also significantly cheaper to build than traditional concrete homes. They don’t require as much material or as many heavy machines to build and are the perfect solution for resorts, especially when resort owners want to expand their property.


Easier to maintain

Log homes aren’t as layered as traditional concrete homes. They are much easier to maintain for two main reasons:

  1. Problems such as mould, insect infestations and ageing wood can be spotted much more easily compared to traditional homes. This allows you to fix the problem sooner than you’d be able to in a concrete home.
  2. Fixing damaged areas of your home is as simple as switching out the logs in whichever section is damaged with fresh ones. While there is a process to this, it’s not as expensive or as difficult to do as with traditional homes.


Environmentally friendly

Log homes are made from a naturally reoccurring resource. While cutting down trees to build log homes can have a negative impact on the environment (if done win large scale), those trees will grow back in time.

With traditional homes, the material used needs to be manufactured, a process that contributes to the deterioration of the environment. Resorts strive to comply with environmental regulations to keep their carbon footprints as little as possible.

We’ve been in the business of log and wood building for decades, trust us to know what type of log home, cabin, cottage or fence you need. Get in touch today to learn more!


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