Premium Manufacturer of Wooden Houses

Let’s talk about houses for a minute. To be specific, let us talk about wooden houses. These are erected as a playhouse for kids or a cottage in your back yard. Pinecore specializes in the design and manufacturing of wooden structures, wooden homes, wooden fences and wooden decks. We have years worth of experience in delivering quality wooden structures to our valued clients, that meet their requirements.

Our list of products includes the following:

Wooden Houses 

Pinecore is able to design and construct wooden log homes that are firmly structured in the ground. All Pinecore wooden structures are pre-built at our factory in the Retreat, Cape Town. Our team of professional contractors can offload and meticulously assemble it your new wooden home.

Wooden Decks 

 In case you want to upgrade your home, there are a number of ways to make its a more welcoming and functional space. One of those ways is adding a wooden deck in your home. Adding this feature automatically creates space for you to host gatherings with friends and family members. The wooden deck increases the value and aesthetic appeal of your house.

Wooden Fences 

Wooden fences are the perfect alternative to the traditional white picket fence that you see in almost every front yard in your neighborhood. The perk about wooden fences is they can be easily cut into almost any height or size and painted in any color. It is quiet simple to make the fence complement your home decor.

Now that we have informed you about wooden structures, we trust that you take it into consideration before selecting the traditional way of doing things. For more information on our range of wooden structures, contact us today to speak to one of our friendly consultants.

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