Pinecore Wooden Houses

Wooden Houses Custom Built to your specifications

If you are looking to build a strong, durable and beautiful wooden house or log home, then Pinecore can assist.

We specialise in building wooden homes that are not only eye-catching, but also strong enough to live in for years to come.

We have plans for various types of wooden houses, all of which were expertly designed by Pinecore’s architects – while we can also assist with custom builds.

Pinecore makes use of local South African Pine, which is treated to withstand the extreme weather conditions present in the country. Whether you require a home on the Highveld that will be subject to baking heat and dry conditions, or a holiday home in the Western Cape where roaring winds and coastal air is present, we can assist.

Our treated pine comes with a 25-50 year guarantee, which showcases the high quality of the timber we use, while we also offer our clients a five-year guarantee on our workmanship.

The wooden structures are also treated against rot, insects and fire, ensuring that your home is able to last a lifetime.

Our wooden homes can be used for various purposes. We can build smaller homes that are ideal playhouses for children, or create a separate bachelor pad so your teenager can have a place of their own.

Whether you have live-in parents who need their own place, or want a cost-effective and unique holiday home, our range of wooden houses will not disappoint.

Added to this, we make use of a structural engineer that will ensure that all of the wooden buildings meet strict safety standards.

Our wooden homes are built in our factory in Cape Town, where they are manufactured using high quality products and accessories.

The panels are then shipped to the required destination, where you can look forward to fast assembly and expert workmanship.

If you are considering a wooden house, feel free to contact a consultant at Pinecore today. They will discuss whether or not this option will best suit your needs, as well as arrange for an obligation free quote to be provided to you.




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