Guest Cottages

Guest Cottages & Holiday Resorts

Pinecore builds high quality guest cottages that are perfect for Bed and Breakfasts, holiday resorts and more.

We have been operating for over 27 years, providing various wooden structures, homes and cottages to clients around South Africa.

We can tailor plans to suit your specific design, while we prebuild all cottages at our factory in Cape Town before shipping them to the site for assembly.

All of our timber is treated against rot, insects and fire, while we also have a guarantee of 25-50 years on our South African Pine.

We also pride ourselves on expert workmanship, with our highly qualified staff making sure that all cottages are built to strict SABS standards.

A structural engineer is used to make sure that safety standards are met, while our workmanship comes with a five year guarantee – showcasing that we have complete confidence in the work we do.

We will also work with you throughout the entire process, from planning and design to completion, to ensure that the cottages meet your expectations when built.

We can also provide high quality wooden decks for entertainment areas at resorts, while cottages can be expanded with verandas or their own private decks.

Our local South African Pine is treated specifically to deal with the harsh weather conditions that are present in South Africa. Our structures will brush off constant exposure to the sweltering African sun, while coastal air and high winds will also not be a problem.

Allow Pinecore to assist you in planning accommodation for your resort, and you can look forward to fast turnaround times no matter the size of the project, while we also provide highly competitive pricing.

Contact a consultant at Pinecore today and they will gladly provide more information on the high quality guest cottages as well as our other products and services.

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